My service - improving your personal fitness

If you are interested in my services, please do not hesitate to contact me so that I will be able to hear about your expectations regarding personal training. In this cost-free and non-binding initial introductory meeting you will also be able to get a first impression of me. The idea of this meeting is to form an understanding of an adequate training concept, which will lead into your start of professionally supervised personal training. Specifically this includes some or all of the following steps:


The following focus areas may arise:

Time and place of training sessions will be agreed upon individually with you as the customer. The specifics will be determined by your goals, your timely limitations and opportunities as well as the agreed personal fitness training program. Places for training may vary between a fitness studio (gym), a sports track, the outdoors - or if desired your home. All details will be agreed upon individually.

This is why I am you personal fitness trainer!