FAQ - frequently asked questions regarding personal fitness training and nutritional advice

Why does personal fitness training make sense?

Your personal trainer is a specialist in the field of fitness to offer you individual and customized supervision. He listens to your intentions and turns your objectives into a work-out program he diligently follows up on. He supervises and motivates you throughout the training and helps you to overcome your weaker self when inner barriers seem to jeopardize your desired results.

What am I offering to you as your personal fitness trainer?

As your personal trainer I have spent several years to acquire a thorough theoretical as well as practical knowledge in all areas of health and fitness. Combine this with ten years of professional experience as a fitness trainer, my motivational skills and my ability to help people like you in becoming a fitter and healthier you. Let yourself be amazed by the results. Gain new confidence and start enjoying life the way you should!

Where does personal training take place?

I will pay attention to your personal needs. In general a well-equipped gym ("Fitness-Studio") makes perfect sense, because here you will find a large variety of useful equipment to support your training goals. Alternatively however personal training may also take place in your home, your office or under the open sky.

How often should personal training take place?

To assure maximum efficiency you should train no less than once or twice a week.

How much does personal fitness training cost?

Once I have been able to get a good overview of your personal situation and objectives ("needs assessment"), your past and present training intensity and the total duration of your planned training commitment (concept and training methods) I will make you a customized offer. The price for a one-hour unit of personal training will be negotiated individually, subject to your expectations of place, type and frequency of your personal training. When paying in advance for a 10-unit workout program you will receive an additional discount of 5% upon the negotiated price. Should you desire to train outside of Bonn additonal charges apply which we will negotiate individually once again.

What`s the point in nutritional advice?

Nutritional advice complements your personal fitness training, but you may also take advantage of it separately. I begin with a stock-taking of your individual calorie consumption. In addition I will put together a list of suggestions for balanced meals which will support your desire to form a slimmer or stronger body. Next to advice and "secrets" with respect to sensible dieting you will receive an insight into the basic components of our nutrition: carbohydrates (sugar and starch), fats, amino acids and proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and water. I strongly suggest to combine nutritional advice and personal training to experience lasting results. After all "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!"