Personal fitness training

Fitness is important!
The demands and the rush of todays business life are strenuous. At some stage you will feel weak and exhausted. And maybe your monotonous activity and little exercise led you to gaining weight. Your feeling of stress increases and your chances to find an inner balance fades. This is why exercise is vital. Especially the combination of weight training and endurance sports helps. You will be able to overcome internalized stress through physical exercise. You will experience newly found energy and your perception of professional or personal challenges becomes more optimstic. You will experience a new attitude towards life!

Can I do it alone?
Many people have experienced the positive effects of sports but most often they lack the discipline and persistence to fulfil their insights. Sometimes lack of knowledge of exercising correctly lead to additional burden or results in new bodily strain or stress. A number of people fail to overcome one`s weaker self at an early stage while others lack constant exercise because of insufficient time management.

This is where you personal fitness trainer comes in!
A personal trainer is a well-educated fitness professional. He is familiar with the demands of todays fitness training and knows the effects on your body. He is nevertheless aware of the limitations and dangers of wrongful exercise and knows techniques to improve your results. The personal trainer becomes your partner in planning and supervising your personal exercise. Following a stocktaking of your physical status and goals, he will suggest the right type of training for you and at the same time stay right by your side to monitor the correct execution of your exercise and motivate you to push a little bit further each time. In short, a personal trainer assures individual and continous training as well as a qualified supervision.

When and where does the personal training take place?
Obviously any training appointments between you as a customer and the personal trainer need to be coordinated to avoid time collisions and prevent physical overload. This is why the personal trainer will always keep in close contact with the customer and react flexible to your personal schedule and training needs. Even the choice of the training locations is chosen in personal consent and handled with great flexibility. The location is determined by your personal preferences and opportunities. Nevertheless the location needs to correlate to the demands of your personal training situation. Most often people choose a fitness center, a natural environment or a track-and-field location. If desired the personal training may equally take place in your home or office. All these issues you will discuss with me as your personal trainer to achieve the best results possible. That's why my job is called 'personal trainer'!