Your personal fitness trainer - portrait and cv

Since my fourteenth birthday my passion for sports led me via the technically and physically demanding badminton (ranked 1st in the state of NRW, ranked 3rd in national ranking list - both in age group U19) early on towards the fitness sport, for which I was able to gather experience in several commercial fitness studios.

My pronounced committment to performance caused me to make the fitness sport my professional priority once I graduated German high school (Abitur). I chose to elect the well recognized BSA-academy (BSA Berufsakademie) which began to provide me with a good foundation for a profession in the field of fitness. The result was a thorough education in almost all relevant areas of fitness and sports management. During the course of my education I acquired a large number of state-recognized qualifications and certifications:

  • B-Trainer
  • personal trainer
  • nutritions trainer
  • cardiofitness trainer
  • sports rehab trainer
  • health trainer
  • professional bodybuilding trainer
  • fitness trainer with A-license
  • teacher for fitness
  • fitness center operator
  • fitness consultant / sales manager
  • fitness coach / service manager
  • manager for fitness- and recreational enterprises
  • fitness-bachelor

I have acquired my practical experience over the course of the past fifteen years working as a fitness trainer in Hennef, Sankt Augustin, Montabaur, Bad Godesberg and Bonn. During this time professional fitness theory and application formed an indivisible unit. Meanwhile I am active in almost all areas of the fitness profession which is why I am able to provide my personal training-customers with a wide range of experience in all fitness related matters.

Therefore I do not hesitate to say: fitness is my life!